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Mission Statement

To provide the best dental health care possible through trusting relationships and the utilization of the latest clinical techniques and technology in a clean, modern, and friendly dental office.

Guiding Principles

  • Competence: We believe in maintaining superior clinical skills through lifelong learning and continuing education.

  • Honesty: We will always provide an honest dental health assessment and recommend treatment in the patient's long term best interest.

  • Integrity:  We will always be professional and ethical towards our patients and staff.

  • Commitment: We are committed to providing the best dental care and dental health education to our patients and the community.

Dental Care Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on personalized and conservative dentistry supported by dental health education. Our goal is to preserve natural teeth, avoid frivolous treatments, and prevent dental health problems from occurring through proper education. In the event treatment is necessary, we will recommend the least invasive procedure(s) to remedy dental health problems.

We will always provide an honest dental health assessment and thoroughly explain treatment plans, procedures, and/or options along with the risks if a particular problem is left untreated or allowed to progress.  Our patients will always be fully informed, never "pressured" into any treatment, and in control of their options.

We believe technology is an asset to modern dental care and will continuously research new dental equipment and products. The maturity and benefits of new technology are carefully evaluated prior to use in our office. We try our best to avoid fads and will never subject our patients to unproven equipment, materials, or techniques. Our patients will always receive treatment based on sound principles and long-term study.

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