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Technology is definitely an asset to modern dental care. We continuously research dental technologies and carefully monitor their maturity and benefits for integration into our office. The latest and greatest technologies are often quite alluring; however, we must be cautious and disciplined adopters. We try our best to avoid fads and will never subject our patients to unproven equipment, materials, or techniques.

The following describes some of the dental technologies we offer and the benefits they provide.

Digital Radiography (X-Rays)
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X-rays are a very valuable diagnostic tool in dentistry. They are used to identify various dental health issues. Traditional x-rays require film to capture an image and chemicals to develop it. With digital x-rays, images are captured electronically; therefore, it is a much more efficient process since both film and development time is eliminated.

  • 90% less radiation compared to traditional film x-rays
  • Image is immediately available
  • Ability to digitally filter the image for a more accurate and in-depth diagnosis
  • Patients can view x-ray images to better understand treatment options
  • Environmentally friendly since film and chemicals are eliminated
* Schick Technologies CDR®
Intra-Oral Camera
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An intra-oral camera is a dental instrument that can be safely placed into a patient's mouth to display video or capture still images. Patients are able to view images from the intra-oral camera directly on the monitor. The visual aid allows a patient to better associate with and understand their dental health issues and treatment options.

  • Ability to capture video or still images to help patient's better understand their dental health issues and treatment options
  • Captured images can be used in referral situations, sent to insurance companies to assist claims, or to supplement other documentation
* A-dec Intra-Oral Camera
High Definition Magnification Loupes & Fiber Optic Illuminator
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Dental loupes are light weight glasses with high resolution magnification telescopes. They provide improved visual accuracy of the operating site so procedures can be performed more effectively and efficiently. Combined with a fiber optic light providing superior illumination, this dental technology not only offers enhanced ergonomics for the dentist but more accurate treatment for the patient as well.

  • Improved visual accuracy and reduced eye strain
  • High resolution image of the operating site without sacrificing full view of the oral cavity
  • Fiber optic light provides excellent operating site illumination and eliminates shadows caused by the overhead dental light
* Orascoptic HiRes Loupes & Zeon® Illuminator
Rotary Endodontics & Electronic Root Apex Locator
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These two instruments are use for root canal therapy procedures. The rotary instrument is used to effectively clean out the canal while the electronic root apex locator accurately identifies the canal length. Compared to traditional techniques, rotary endodontics with electronic root apex location will efficiently and consistently produce more accurate and complete results.

  • Root canal therapy can be performed more effectively and efficiently
  • Accurate canal measurement ensures roots are more precisely cleaned and filled
  • Patient chair time is reduced when compared to traditional manual techniques
* Aseptico Endo ITR & J.Morita Root ZX
Ultrasonic Scaler
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Electric and manual scaling should be combined to achieve optimal teeth cleaning results. An ultrasonic scaler can efficiently break-up and reduce heavy tartar buildup while manual instruments are required to remove the remaining tartar remnants. Our ultrasonic scalers offer enhanced patient comfort because they are able maintain scaling effectiveness even at ultra-low power settings.

  • Efficiently removes tartar build-up
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Effectively contributes to optimal teeth cleaning results
* Dentsply Cavitron® Ultrasonic Scaler with SPS Technology
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