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Computers have become permanent fixtures in modern dental offices, but there is a big difference between just having computers and having a computer system that works harmoniously with providing quality dental care.

First and foremost, computers in a dental office must be reliable and efficient since they are a critical component to daily operations. Second, prudent security measures must be implemented to protect patient information. Lastly, the entire system should be transparent; meaning that the hardware must be aesthetically integrated into the office so that it never gets in the way of dentistry.

The following describes the computer technologies in our office and how we believe it fulfills the requirements of a reliable, secured, and transparent system.

Modern Workstations

Workstations are computers on steroids! They are designed to run high-end, resource-intensive applications used in engineering, digital content, and financial analysis. We chose workstations for our office because they are fast, reliable and can handle any dental application with ease.

High Definition Flat Panel Displays In Treatment Rooms

Our treatment rooms are equipped with dual flat panel displays. One display is located behind the dental chair so the dentist can easily view patient data and x-rays during procedures. The other display is located in front of the dental chair so patients can comfortably view dental health information.

Multi-Tiered Security

In today's world, using technology properly requires a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to data security. We understand this responsibility and have implemented stringent security protocols. Although no security process is 100% secure, we will continue to use the latest technologies available to ensure our patient's private health information is protected to the fullest extent possible.

Redundant & Automatic Data Backups

Data integrity is very important since we operate a virtually paperless office. Our server utilizes RAID redundant hard drives. Critical data is automatically backed-up daily, weekly, and monthly. Backup data is maintained both onsite and offsite. Offsite copies are password-protected and encrypted with 256-bit key AES encryption.

Battery Backup & Surge Protection

Power outages and electrical surges can cause hardware failures and/or data corruption. Although surges caused by lightening strikes are a rarity in San Francisco, power outages represent a real threat. To alleviate this threat, our computers, network, and phones are protected by surge and battery backup units to ensure a safe and orderly shutdown of equipment in case of a power outage or brown-out conditions.

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